St Jame's Settlement

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Charity Services
Community Foot Care Service
Vascular Assessment
Foot Health Education
Contact Information
Tel: 6064 8119
Fax: 2838 7016
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Service Objective
This service aims at providing affordable podiatry service for chronic foot disease elders. This service also helps to release their foot pain and lighten symptoms, in order to strengthen the elder's function ability and enhance quality of life.
Service Target
  • Elders on CSSA or eligible for applying CSSA / Old Age Living Allowance who live alone and lack of care
  • Mentally handicapped persons, people with visual impairment or with chronic illness who lack of care and in poverty
  • Referred by social workers or care givers of elderly service units
  • Referred by registered nurses of private old aged homes
Service Content
This service mainly is to examine, diagnose and provide treatment for the foot and calf. Other related information on food care such as foot health education and advices on selection of shoes and socks will be provided. Thorough examination includes the following: assessment of diabetic lower extremities complications are assessed, assessment of Doppler's supersonic wave of blood flow of lower extremities and the lower extremities feel and test.