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The Voice
The Voice
Award winner of Fiction Division
Contact Information

Tel:2831 3289
Fax:2834 7300
Address:Room 105, 1/F, 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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Service Objective

The Voice, since its publication in January 1976, is the first and long-lasting Chinese newspaper for the elderly with a worldwide distribution. Its publication has been supported by donations of enthusiastic readers and a group of devoted volunteers for years. With various, targeted and comprehensive information provided by the professions. The Voice serves the elderly with purposes of enhancing their quality of life and building a fruitful life at the old age.

Service Target

Any person, especially for the retirees, elderly and care givers.


Current monthly circulation reaches 30,000. Any person who is interested can register free of charge; copies are also available for free pick up from the District Offices, Elderly Health Centres and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Service Content

Supported by a group of professional volunteers, including editors, medical professions, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, professors, reporters, social workers and etc. The Voice provides readers with information covering social policies, current news about elderly services, health management, nostalgic information, columns and etc. to enhance quality of living.