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Self-finance Services
Corporate Venture (Health Service) SJS Beauty Centre
SJS Beauty Centre
Become LPG certified Quality Centre
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Contact Person: 5109 2998
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Service Objective

SJS Beauty Centre was established in 2005 on a non-profit making and self-financing operation basis. Service has been operating more than a decade. We aim to provide high quality and reliable beauty and slimming services with a customer orientated approach so as to focus on customers need. All our profits made are used to support charity programs of the Settlement.

Our beauticians all gained internationally recognized qualifications. All beauty equipment were qualified with European and US certifications to ensure they are safe and effective. We only use professional skin care products to serve our customers as well.

Service Target


Service Content
  1. To provide professional facial and body slimming treatment
  2. Professional brand skin care products and slimming equipment are available, including:
    SOTHYS France Professional facials and beauty treatments
    CACI (UK) instrument rejuvenation treatment
    M6 (Integral) and the eighth generation facelift and slimming treatment
    BIO Super Platinum micro-electric beauty activating treatment
    Tripollar radiofrequency facial and slimming treatment

Charges depend on service items