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Jockey Club R3 Integrated Wellness Centre
Stretching classes on the mat
Stretching classes on the mat
Hydraulic equipment exercise class
Hydraulic equipment exercise class
Integrated Hydraulic equipment exercise class
Contact Information
Tel: 2596 2770
Fax: 2596 2799
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: 13/F, 112 Kennedy Road, St. James Church, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Service Objective
Our centre provides a spacious environment for the elderly, with different equipment, instructor guidance, and monitoring to achieve more effective results. Our equipment training can be close to the daily needs of the elderly, and with the guidance of instructors, it makes exercise safer and more effective.
The fitness exercises in our centre focus on matching the abilities of the elderly, putting safety first so that the elderly can exercise with peace of mind and strengthen their muscles at the same time under the guidance of the instructors.
Service Target
For people who want to make exercise a habit, especially suitable for beginners and seniors.
Service Content
Hydraulic equipment exercise class:
Through circuit resistance training, the large muscle groups of the elderly are exercised. The resistance depends on the ability of the elderly. The faster the speed, the greater the resistance, which is suitable for the needs of different elderly. 
Integrated Hydraulic equipment exercise class:
In addition to the circuit resistance training, part of the time will carry out exercises designed by the instructor. The contents include aerobic training, balance training, functional training, etc., and use other equipment in the centre for training as needed. 
Stretching classes on the mat:
Participants stretched on the mat, exercised the core muscle groups and trained in the coordination of the limbs. Instructors will design suitable movements on the mat according to the abilities of different age groups, such as stretching of various muscles, core muscle strength and coordination of limbs, etc.

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