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Self-finance Services
Jockey Club R3 Integrated Wellness Centre
Intergrated Wellness Training
Health Talk
Therapeutic Exercise Class
Diversified Treatment
Diversified Treatment
Contact Information
Tel: 2596 2770
Fax: 2596 2799
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: 13/F, 112 Kennedy Road, St. James Church, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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Service Objective

We provide different physiotherapy related services, in addition to general treatment, we also provide therapeutic intergrated fitness training, therapeutic exercise group, health talk and rehab care training.

We adhere organization mission, to fill community service need with quick response. We provide client-oriented quality services with reasonable price, and eventually enhance citizen health awareness, which will lead to positive change in life.

Service Target

The public with physiotherapy needs:

  1. Orthopedics and pain Rehab
  2. Sports Rehab
  3. Stroke and Geriatric Rehab
  4. Sport performance enhancement
Service Content

Professional Physiotherapy – With Advanced equipments and excellent physiotherapists, we provide client-oriented quality services with reasonable price.

Intergrated Wellness Training – In addition to general therapy, we advocate a targeted comprehensive fitness training in the late stage of treatment to strengthen their physical fitness, prevent recurrence, and stay healthy.

-Others - -Regular physiotherapy health talk, thematic workshops, and carer training course.

  1. Professional training and education centre
  2. Rehab care worker and home carer training
  3. Corporate cooperation
  4. Health talk
  5. On-site occupational health assessment and advice
  6. PNF professional training and promotion (Topics and content are adjustable according to service needs)

Phone Enquiry. (Health Care Voucher accepted)