St Jame's Settlement

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About Us
Corporate Strategic Leadership Team
Corporate Strategic Leadership Team
Corporate Strategic Leadership Team
Chief Executive Officer Ms. Josephine Y C Lee, MH
Deputy Chief Executive Officer  Mr. Cooke T C Cheung
Deputy Chief Executive Officer  Mr. David K M Fung 
Assistant Chief Executive Officer Ms. Wendy W S Cheung
Executive Director Ms. Yvonne P F Lo (Sham Shui Po District Health Centre)
Senior Managers

Ms. Heidi S K Chang (Administration)
Ms. Helen L P Yan (Administration)
Mr. Thomas K K Tse (Finance)
Mr. Samson W T Leung (Information Technology)
Ms. Jenny K Y Choi (Continuing Care)
Ms. Mandy M M Au Yeung (Rehabilitation Services – Dynamic Working & Wellness)

Ms. Kari M C Lau (Rehabilitation Services – Enjoyment & Inclusion)
Ms. Cheryl M W Cheung (Rehabilitation Services – Life Enrichment & Participation)
Ms. Lau Shuk Mei (Rehabilitation Services – Diversity & Autonomy)
Ms. Lam Yick Man (Youth Services)
Ms. Connie M H Cheung (Youth Services)
Mr. Cheung Yiu Kei (Youth Services)
Ms. Florence K C Lau (Education Services – Pre-school Education & Support) 
Ms. Alice Y M Chan (Education Services – Pre-school Education & Partnership)
Ms. Niki L H Lai (Family and Counselling Services)
Ms. Maggie N Y Chan (Family and Counselling Services)
Mr. Tang Chung Wah (Family and Counselling Services)
Ms. Connie M Y Ng (Charity Services)
Mr. Can W K Tsang (Community Development Services)
Senior Service Managers Ms. Wing W Y Fung (Education Services – Training Services & Positive Education)
Mr. Andy K W Wong (Continuing Care)
Ms. Karen S Y Chow (Continuing Care)
Ms. Grace K M Fong (Continuing Care)
Ms. Carmen H W Ng (Continuing Care)
Ms. Jasmine W Y Kwan (Charity Services)
Ms. Rita C Y Tsang (Rehabilitation Services – Enhancement & Harmony)
Ms. Alison C W Ho (Corporate Venture - Partnership & Alliances)
Human Resources Manager Ms. Winnie T W Choy
Representatives of Staff Club Mr. Andy K Y Li (Chairman)
Ms. Jenny Y Y Cheung (Vice Chairman)