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Donation of face masks from A.S. Watson Group
Thank you A.S. Watson Group for the donation of face masks, which will only be distributed to the service users of St. James' Settlement and not for distribution to the public. Thank you for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience caused.
St. James’ Settlement Valentine’s Rose Charity Sale 2020
In order to reduce the spread of disease in the community and protect the safety of our volunteers, St. James’ Settlement Valentine’s Rose Charity Sale 2020  at Cityplaza from 10 to 14 Feb 2020 will be cancelled.
 All proceeds after deducting costs will support Grant-in-aid Brightens Children’s Lives Service of St. James’ Settlement to equip disadvantaged children with diverse learning resources and experiential opportunities.  Please show your love while warming the hearts of the needy.

Roses are made of natural leaves with string of lights. Attached with a ‘love’ tag, the rose was packed in a pearl white box in this season of love and romance. The roses are once again designed, sourced and produced by the St. James’ Settlement Jockey Club Endeavour Workshop + Albert Wu Rainbow Workshop. This provided employment to our members of rehabilitation services as well.

**Special arrangment for volunteers**
Hong Kong has confirmed some cases of the Wuhan coronavirus lately. In order to reduce the spread of disease in the community and protect the safety of our volunteers, volunteer service at the charity sale will be cancelled this year. We understand that parents and children would like to join the event in an alternative way. In view of this we cordially invite those who have signed up for volunteers to become our Fundraising Little Angel for participating the charity sale online. Only 5 steps would mean a lot to us!
How to become Fundraising Little Angel (with certificate of appreciation)
1. Introduce the Valentine's Rose to your friends and relatives to a group order of 5 roses or above.
2. Go to [] and choose 'Becoming our Fundraising Little Angel' from now to 11 Feb 2020 12 noon.
3. Pay via credit card and select the pickup location and time (see below)
4. Our staff will pass the roses to parents or guardians on 12 to 13 Feb 2020. Little Angels are welcome to distribute to friends and relatives in safe condition
5. The certificate of Fundraising Little Angel will be mailed within Feb 2020 to your designated address for appreciation.
St. James’ Settlement Valentine’s Rose costs $78 each and please feel free to contact us at +852 2831 3232 for enquiries. 
Best Practice Award in Social Welfare 2019
Organized by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare recognizes the contributions of stakeholders in the social welfare sector. The theme for 2019 is “Innovation and Technological Application, a Milestone of Social Service Progression”, and FOOD-CO was honoured to receive the Gold Award. Funded by the SIE Fund, FOOD-CO is the first IT platform for food support service in Hong Kong which facilitates food donation in a more efficient way with advancement in technology and data analysis.
In addition, the pre-cooked soft diet Graceful Meal designed by our team of chefs and dietitians for frail individuals with swallowing difficulties was awarded with Best Practice Award. In 2017, the team launched the home-made delicate soft diet – Graceful Meal to replace minced and pureed meals with a new and delicious dining experience to people with swallowing or masticating difficulties at home. They can now enjoy the meals with dignity, while their carers’ stresses are released as well.