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Brief Introduction

Continuing Care Service (formerly known as Elderly Service) first founded in September 1967. We aim to provide services to the elderly and to promote the message of respecting the elderly through activities. Throughout the past 50 years or so, the services have been diversified; including home care services, residential care services, health services, caregiver support service, rehabilitation therapy services, dementia care and service for people with emotional problems.


We provide one-stop professional elderly caring services to eldery who are in needs in the community.
Services provided include

District Elderly Community Centre / Neighbourhood Elderly Centre


Day Care Centre for the Elderly


Enhanced Home & Community Care Services


Residential Care Services


Integrated Home Care Service Team


Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly (Pilot Scheme)


Charity Projects


Retired Persons’ Service


Dementia Care Support Service


Rehabilitation & Wellness Service


Special Service Projects