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First "I am..." Youth Portal Career and Academic Virtual Expo 2020
First "I am..." Youth Portal Career and Academic Virtual Expo 2020 2020-12-14
11 December 2020
First "I am..." Youth Portal Career and Academic Virtual Expo 2020
Brings Elite Local Leaders Together Online to Help Students Plan Their Future
With social distancing requirements continuing to place limits on in-person gatherings, more than 3,400 students, parents and other individuals were still able to enjoy an opportunity to obtain valuable career and academic advice at the “I am…” Virtual Expo for Study and Career Development held online on 5 and 6 December 2020.
Organised through the “I am…” Youth Portal, the online platform, a collaborative initiative between Hang Seng Bank and St. James’ Settlement, the Expo invited 16 industry leaders and professionals to share insights on the future development of their respective industries, as well as providing access to a wide variety of other tertiary education and career information.
With the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertain global economy, DSE candidates, graduates, parents and teachers have been facing unprecedented challenges. The "I am...” Career and Academic Virtual Expo 2020 was a response to young people’s need for access to information that will help them make informed decision about their future career and academic choices.
The Expo was officially opened by Mr David Fung, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of St. James, and Mr Gilbert Lee, Head of Strategy & Planning and Chief of Staff to Chief Executive of Hang Seng.  Interacting with Expo attendees via live streaming, leaders and professionals working in sectors as diverse as banking, fintech, property, multinational technology, culture and the arts, tourism, eSports and academia shared their views on the outlook for traditional industries and the growing opportunities in emerging industry sectors.  Mr Sammy Leung, a local celebrity and father of two children, also joined the event to share his experience and strategies for engaging his children about their choices when considering their future studies (Please refer to the attachment for the list of speakers at the Expo).
A number of local tertiary institutions provided course information to attendees via virtual booths. Mentors from different disciplines and industries were also online to answer participants' education and career questions in real time, with more than 700 live chats having taken place by the close of the Expo.

Hang Seng–St. James’ Settlement "I am..." Youth Portal First Career and Academic Virtual Expo 2020 
Valuable insights from sharing sessions  
"If young people are interested in entering the information technology industry, they should identify their individual interests and learn more about the development of the industry; they should also make good use of free online tools to learn."
-- Mr Kinni Mew, Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning
“Change in customer behaviour and technology have been the catalysts for development of digital banking services, while also enhancing customer experience. Creativity, adaptability, curiosity and passion are key qualities that one must possess if they wish to be a part of this industry.”
-- Ms Candy Woo, Senior Digital Product Manager, & Mr Kelvin Leung, Senior User Experience Manager, Hang Seng Bank
"The pandemic era has created a new model for the tourism industry. Through local community and cultural experience activities, this model will create a personal and unique experience for visitors."
 -- Mr Paul Chi-yuen Chan, Co-founder & CEO at Walk in Hong Kong
"Flexible thinking and problem-solving are very important in the financial technology industry. Young people should broaden their horizons and get prepared for challenges."
-- Mr Alex Chan, Chief Executive Officer, & Ms Grace Ma, Digital Consultant, Forms Syntron Information (HK) Limited
“You should learn from and imitate others, and then present in your own way when managing an online media platform. It is also important to manage your own emotions in the face of criticism and failure."
-- Mr Jonathan Cheung, Project Manager of WHIZOO Media Limited
"In response to the pandemic, the demand for remote-technology products and remote medical and healthcare services has increased. If young people want to join the medical or pharmaceutical industry, they need to have the ability to adapt and sensitive to market developments."
-- Ms Phoebe Mo, General Manager of Kerry Medical Limited & Kerry Pharma (Hong Kong) Limited 
Please visit to view the sharing sessions.
Please find high-resolution photos at the following link:
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Photos Caption
(Photo 1) Mr Kinni Mew, Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning
(Photo 2) Mr Kelvin Leung, Senior User Experience Manager, and Ms Candy Woo, Senior Digital Product Manager, Hang Seng Bank
(Photo 3) Mr Sammy Leung, well-known local artist and parent of two children.
(Photo 4) Mr Paul Chi-yuen Chan, Co-founder & CEO at Walk in Hong Kong
(Photo 5) Mr Alex Chan, Chief Executive Officer, and Ms Grace Ma, Digital Consultant, Forms Syntron Information (HK) Limited
(Photo 6) Mr Jonathan Cheung, Project Manager of WHIZOO Media Limited
(Photo 7) Ms Phoebe Mo, General Manager of Kerry Medical Limited & Kerry Pharma (Hong Kong) Limited 

About Hang Seng – St. James’ Settlement Youth Portal, ‘I am…’
Launched in September 2019, ‘I am…’ aims to offer full-scale online and offline support for young people aged between 15 and 29 by providing personalised, accurate and convenient career and academic advice. With our mission of “I aim, therefore I am”, we are committed to helping young people identify their interests, upcoming opportunities and challenges so that they are empowered for a bright future and to realise their dreams.
About St. James' Settlement
Founded by the Rt. Rev. Bishop R.O. Hall of the Anglican Church in 1949, St. James’ Settlement began as a club for boys and girls in a temple in Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai. It was then developed into a six-storey building on Kennedy Road in 1963 to provide diversified services, including children and youth services, elderly services and rehabilitation services. In 1987, the headquarters was opened in Stone Nullah Lane so that the scope of services could be further extended. Our first centre outside Wanchai (named Central and Western District Elderly Community Centre) was established in 1990. Since then, different service centres have been developed andmost of them are located along the north coast of Hong Kong Island, from The Belcher’s in Western to Hing Wah Estate in Chai Wan. In recent years, in view of the society’s ever changing needs, we have opened service centres in Kowloon and the New Territories. To date, our 67 service points are in operation across Hong Kong. By the end of September 2020, we have over 1,600 staff members to provide a vast range of high quality services for people of different ages and needs. In the past year, around 1,800 volunteers have helped in different service units.
Hang Seng Bank - Corporate Sustainability
As a homegrown financial institution, Hang Seng shares the drive, determination and dreams of the people of Hong Kong and strives to build a prosperous and sustainable future for the city. Young people are key to sustainability. Engaging them and providing them with tools for development is crucial to their success. This is why a key component of Hang Seng’s approach is empowering Hong Kong’s young people with the skills, knowledge and self-esteem that they need to thrive. Hang Seng is also committed to the wider society. Its four pillars of community investment are: equip young people with future skills for employability, improve their financial literacy and promote sustainable financing, climate change concerns and care for the community. In 2019, Hang Seng invested HK$33 million in community development in Hong Kong, bringing its total contribution over the past decade to HK$282 million.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, apart from ensuring the safety and health of both customers and our staff, Hang Seng is swift in answering the needs of the community. It rolled out a number of tailored relief measures to support commercial customers as well as personal banking customers. Quick to respond to the pressing challenges faced by underprivileged children and their families when classes were suspended during COVID-19, Hang Seng donated HK$10 million to establish the ‘Hang Seng Academic Assistance Programme’, providing after-school tutoring, counselling and day-care support to over 3,500 students. The programme also provided much needed employment to 350 young people as tutors.
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