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Charity Services
Funeral Navigation Service
funeral arrangement
Promoting Life-and-Death Education
Contact Information
Tel: 2831 3230
Fax: 3104 3640
Service Objective

The service aims at navigating a comprehensive pre-planning service of funeral affairs for the elderly singletons without support network in Hong Kong. The elderly can plan and prepare their own funeral arrangement in accordance to their own will.

The service also advocates a cultural change to accept death as a part of life. In order to promote a positive attitude and open-mindedness towards death, talks and seminars on life and death education are provided to the public.

Service Target
  • Elderly singleton or patients who are suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses
Referral by registered social workers 
Funeral Navigation Service Referral Form
Service Content
  • Funeral Pre-planning Service
    The service facilitates the elderly and patients without support network in Hong Kong to pre-plan their funeral arrangements according to their wishes and preferences. Their funeral plans will be executed accordingly upon the death of the elderly. Besides, love and care will be conveyed to the elderly through regular home-visits and concern calls of the service volunteers.
  • Burial Support and Enquiries
    The service provides tangible assistance and enquiry service supporting people with difficulties when arranging funerals.
  • Community Education
    The service organizes a number of community education programmes regarding the topics of funeral pre-planning and life-and-death education through seminars, exhibitions, cemetery tours, publishing education books or other printed materials in order to generate positive attitude towards death to the public.