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Self-finance Services
Community Nutrition Services & Education Center
Nutrition assessments / Individual consultation
Supermarket Tour (Advanced Practice)
Happy Meal
Smart Healthy Kids
Training Courses
Contact Information
Tel: 2831 3254 / 2831 3253
Fax: 3422 3694 / 3104 3625
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: 3/F, 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, HK
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Service Objective

A group of recognized dietitians offer high-quality nutrition consultation services to people with different needs in the community. We also provide tailor-made and individualized advices to clients.

We adhere organization mission, to fill community service need with quick response. We provide client-oriented quality services with reasonable price, and eventually enhance citizen health awareness, which will lead to positive change in life.

Service Target

People who are health-conscious including infants, children, teenagers, adults and elders:

  1. Healthy Diet (infants, children, teenagers, adults, elders and vegetarians)
  2. Weight Management (Overweight or obesity, Underweight, malnutrition)
  3. Women’s health and nutrition (Pregnancy, lactation, GDM)
  4. Chronic diseases (Diabetes, High blood pressure, High blood lipids, High cholesterol, Heart diseases, Lung diseases, Kidney diseases, Liver diseases, Gout, Osteoporosis, Cancer)
  5. Nutrition Support for Rehabilitation
  6. Eating Disorder
  7. Dysphagia or Tube feeding
Service Content

Nutrition assessments/ Individual consultation – Through one to one meetings will assess the current nutritional status of client and provide specific advice and guidance to tailor individual needs. Customers will have a clearer understanding of their physical and nutritional status.
Workshop and Talk – We provide health and nutritional education in various settings and formats.  Interactive trainings are also designed for health conscious organizations, groups and peoples for their practical implementation.

  • Out-reaching services
  • Menu design and diet plan
  • Training Courses
  • Friend of Nutrition (Membership Program)
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition assessments/ Individual consultation (45minutes per session) : In the range of $440 to $650

Workshop and Talk: $2,000 up