St Jame's Settlement

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Social Enterprises
Hand-making organic mooncake
Ground Works
Contact Information
Contact Person: Tse Chun Man / Juno Tsoi
Tel: 2117 5878 / 2833 4609
Service Objective

Founded in 2007, Ground Works is a social enterprise adopting the Community Economic Development model, trying to improve the quality of life of local communities

Our mission:

  1. Community Support Agriculture: supporting local agriculture; rebuilding the relationship of nature and human; conserving the local agriculture methods, crop species and culture; improving the livelihood of farmers.
  2. Community Production: encouraging the community grass root members to produce handcrafted organic snacks and food.
  3. Esteemed Labour: enhancing pride and self-esteem of a labour by making them to value their work and being satisfied.
Service Target

Unemployed middle-aged, low-income layer, grass-root female, unemployed youth, poor elderly

Service Content
  1. Sale of local organic vegetable
  2. Sale of eco-friendly and organic crops from near places
  3. Sale of environmental products from small local producers
  4. Hand-made seasonal foods from crops of near places
  5. Packing and processing of organic products
  6. Community education in ecology and community economy