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Social Enterprises
Mustard Seed Services Limited
Mustard Seed Services Limited
Mustard Seed Services Limited
Contact Information
Contact Person: Mr. Terry Chan
Tel: 2835 4365
Service Objective

Mustard Seed Services Limited was established by St. James’ Settlement and funded by ‘Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities Through Small Enterprise’ Project of Social Welfare Department (Rehabilitation). It has a mission to enhance the employment of people with disabilities in Hong Kong by providing training and employment opportunities to them through business approach.

Service Target

People with Disabilities

Service Content
  1. Tailored made food production and packaging according to customers’ special request.
  2. Develop self-owned brand pastry food.
  3. People with disabilities shall participate in the process of production, packaging and selling.
  4. Explore and develop other business opportunities that can meet our mission.