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Corporate Training Centre
The program is practical and interesting
It is a great chance to meet colleagues
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Service Objective

Founded in 1993, St. James' Settlement Corporate Training Centre aims to provide high quality tailored consulting and training services to the enterprises. Our consulting service is integrated with the 4E’s foundation of human development which includes “Energetic Body, Empowered Self, Enjoyable Relations and Enriched Mind”. We believe “Quality of Work Life” can be enhanced with care and concern, and it will facilitate Win-Win Relations between employers and employees.

Over the years, we have provided corporate training to over 200 enterprises in Hong Kong and China and instructed over 100,000 employees. Our professional services were highly valued by our clients. Moreover, all profits made by our Centre will be fully donated to St. James' Settlement for operational and service development work. Our clients can receive our professional training services while making contribution to the society at the same time.

Service Target

Individual/ staffs who are working in enterprises or organizations

Service Content

Our professional team tailored-made practical and result-oriented consulting and training service to fit each company characteristics and requirement. The training program mainly divided into six series:

  1. Corporate Management
  2. Corporate Culture
  3. Team Building
  4. Selling & Service Management
  5. Quality Worklife
  6. Effective Communications & Presentations

The design of our training programs consider clients’ background, characteristic and personal interest so that workshops and trainings are filled with fun and creative learning elements.


Tailored-made training programs fee varies and please contact us for more details. We also organize free seminar regularly.